Saturday, October 3, 2009

So I started an internship at an interior design company last week, my duties for which have consisted mainly of creating this blog for them.  Due to this and the fact that I've been working twelve hour days, my little blog has suffered some neglect.  I've been meaning to get on here and post a few pictures of Myles and my "project crayon" (it isn't actually named that).

A few factors resulted in project crayon.  First, while we were visiting my mom in Florida before moving to Atlanta, I combed her house for things we might find useful during our time here.  Muffin tins, spare toothbrushes, a garlic press.  While I didn't come upon any particularly exciting items, I did grab a 14"x17" sketch pad that must have been mine a long time ago when I was trying to do something with pastels.  At any rate the pad sat around in my car for a few weeks while we were busy scouring the metro area for jobs.  At that point we had spent all of our money (most of it on unforeseen costs such as Hunter's vet bill when he ate Myles weed cookies) and were in desperate need of some cash, especially because we kept on renting the next disc of Freaks and Geeks even though we couldn't decide if we actually liked it.  Three weeks and three jobs among us later, we still don't have any money, which means we can't buy anything to hang on the desperate, soulless white walls of our apartment.  This is where it all comes together:  We are the ones in the crayon aisle at Michaels', weighing our options.  Ninety-six colors for eight dollars or a hundred and twenty for twelve?  Ultimately the box with the glitter crayons will win.  Aside from onions, "crayons" is the only thing on our grocery list right now.  Here is what we have so far (minus a few that I hung in the kitchen to cover up some wall damage).


The one in the center with the popcorn bowl floating among the high-rises was the first to go up.  Can you tell who did which?  Our plan is to cover the entire wall by the time we leave the South.  That goal seemed a lot more feasible before I started working seventy hours a week.  In truth it's become Myles' project.  He didn't want me to put my high heel picture near his Nike sneaker picture for reasons he couldn't really articulate.  It's his vision, I go with it.

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